Business Process Management

Blue Beacon helps companies optimize their business processes and turn process complexity into strategic opportunity. We use BPM tools and methodologies to help our clients make significant business improvements—without significant investments in people or technology. Our goal is to enhance process performance throughout the enterprise.

Services include:
BPM Assessment
BPM Architecture and Planning
BPM Implementation.

Organizations that partner with Blue Beacon are able to:
Leverage existing assets via standard integration mechanisms
Track business performance via real-time performance reports and alerts
Modify business rules within processes to respond to real-time business conditions
Modify the structure of processes for long-term improvement.

Customer implementations have resulted in decreased process cycle times, streamlined exception management, and integrated processes among disparate functions and corporations.

BPM Assessment

Improving business performance is a requirement for maintaining what you have today—you need exceptional performance to beat the competition. Enhanced business processes often result in faster development time, reduced errors and greater visibility throughout the enterprise, among other benefits. However, determining which processes to enhance can be difficult, especially for a corporation with numerous functions and a wide array of trading partners.

Blue Beacon’s Business Process Management Readiness Assessment helps client’s identify performance goals and process improvement opportunities, and establish feasible process objectives within and among functional areas. Effective identification of performance improvements, such as removing “slack” from operating processes or increasing velocity of goods moving through supply chains, allows clients to quantify the opportunities and link them with actual business process changes.

The Assessment is an important first step toward modeling actual processes that demonstrate, with exceptional clarity, how a business actually runs. With such a foundation and visibility, clients can effect changes in their processes that correspond to real business enhancements very quickly.

BPM Architecture and Planning

At Blue Beacon, we recognize that BPM projects require synthesis between business requirements and technology capabilities; as with so many initiatives, the two topics must go hand-in-hand. We address this objective by integrating them at every step, and combining our business and technology architectures.

The Architecture element of a BPM implementation comprises three elements: the business architecture, the conceptual solution architecture and the logical system architecture. We consider the establishment of the business architecture to be a critical component of any BPM implementation. By putting it in place, an organization defines the project’s overall scope and identifies issues that must be addressed, as well as opportunities for improvement.

At the same time, the conceptual solution architecture links the business architecture with technical implementation. Additionally, the logical system architecture describes BPM components and their relationships to other enterprise components. The result is a cohesive overall architecture. Within the Architecture area, Blue Beacon:

  • Links key business and technology requirements
  • Aligns BPM with other architectural initiatives, like Service-Oriented Architectures
  • Establishes interfaces for internal and external users
  • Integrates with existing systems (Web, legacy, databases, etc.)
  • Ensures that BPM solutions will scale as processes are extended and new processes are added

BPM Implementation

By following a comprehensive and innovative methodology, which breaks projects into small, easily managed components, Blue Beacon’s consultants have developed a lengthy and successful track record in a wide variety of software and systems implementations.

Blue Beacon supports full-life cycle BPM implementations, including detailed requirements definition, design, development and deployment. In addition, we leverage proven software and best practices to ensure that BPM initiatives are established quickly, properly and accurately, enabling clients meet their implementation objectives.

With Blue Beacon, our professionals remain involved in every aspect of implementation. Business people participate from the outset to help define requirements and test prototypes, ensuring that requirements are met.

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