Web Metrics

"Companies have mastered collecting information, but not what to do with it"
                                                                                                    - Fortune Magazine

Blue Beacon’s methodology for conducting the Initial Assessment includes an in depth study of current and past website traffic to understand usage patterns, establish a baseline for future measurements and to provide insight into ways to optimize the site so that users fulfill the business objectives of the website.

There are four components of the initial assessment.

1) Business Objectives Definitions: What does your company’s website do for your business? What are the metrics of the site that best measure the success of the business objectives? Working in conjunction with the client’s executive team, Blue Beacon’s consultants define a customized set of key metrics for the website and relate them to key business objectives. 

2) Existing Traffic Analysis: How does the current traffic perform? Who are the users? Why are they coming? What are they doing? When are they coming? Why are they leaving? Blue Beacon does a thorough analysis of the existing metrics and trends and provides a detailed report on the current state of affairs with regards to the current web traffic. Although Blue Beacon is able and does use any existing analytics software, in order to analyze the data most effectively and accurately, highly experienced software engineers and database architects work in conjunction with business consultants to utilize Blue Beacon’s customized process for collecting and analyzing data. 

3) Gap Analysis: What information should be collected that currently is not being collected? Blue Beacon offers an analysis of data that could impact the client’s business decisions and suggests a means to gather the data.

4) Recommendations and Action Items: Blue Beacon offers a detailed set of conclusions and recommended action items gathered during the project. It is these recommendations and action items that will make the difference in the way you do business.

Ongoing Analysis

The internet is not static, neither is your website. While Blue Beacon’s Initial Assessment enables your company to understand your website and make meaningful changes, Blue Beacon’s Ongoing Analysis empowers your company to stay at the forefront of the dynamic web and to ensure that you are continually maximizing your online investments. Blue Beacon’s Ongoing Analysis is a continuation of the Initial Assessment. Blue Beacon defines a process for the ongoing reporting and analysis of metrics and provides regular reports and analysis from Blue Beacon’s elite consultants. Utilizing the data gathered, the analysis offers recommendations and action items during each analysis.

As with all Blue Beacon solutions, Ongoing Analysis is fully customized to meet the clients’ needs. Depending on the individual uses of the website and the volume of traffic it receives, Blue Beacon can report on a quarterly, monthly, weekly or even a daily basis.

Blue Beacon’s elite team of consultants and engineers provide unmatched insights and knowledge into our client’s customer’s behavior online.

Every engagement includes specific recommendations as to what actions you should take to maximize your online performance and bottom line results.

Every engagement is fully customized to optimize the specific business goals that are unique to your organization.

Analytics Platform Optimization

The accuracy and usefulness of Web Analytics software is highly dependent upon its configuration and implementation. Incorrectly implemented systems can cause serious damage to an organization by producing inaccurate, incomplete, or even misleading information about the behavior of web site visitors. Blue Beacon’s Analytics Platform Optimization offers an analysis of the current platform or software. Blue Beacon’s consultants assess the analytics platform or software package and work with client staff to maximize the effectiveness of the implementation.

Analytics Platform Optimization services include:

  • Software or ASP configuration
  • Filtering for spiders & robots
  • Definition of needed changes to website if required
  • Content grouping definitions
  • Scenario definition
  • Project management
  • Identifying internally generated traffic
  • Unique session identification configuration
  • Dynamic page handling
  • Client-side data collection

Vendor Selection Process

Blue Beacon's consultants have a wealth of expertise that enables them to successfully guide clients through the web analytics vendor selection process. While working with numerous clients to optimize, customize, and configure web analytics tools, Blue Beacon has gained deep insight into the capabilities, strengths, shortcomings as well as pricing of all of the leading web analytics vendors' solutions.



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